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What is Children’s Literature?

There has been some debate as to what constitutes children’s literature, such broad definitions require broad answers, and complex thinking. This article attempts to help achieve and explain such thinking.

Christmas Books For Children – A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree

Christmas books for children are a great way to engage children in your values concerning the holiday. This is not just a book review but also some tips of how to use a well written book to learn about your child and teach them what you value.

Why Not Give A Child A Book This Christmas?

Reading expands a child’s knowledge, vocabulary and improves her comprehension skills. Studies show that a child that is read to from an early age has a wider vocabulary and most of the time she is able to construct sentences much earlier than her peers.

15 Top Christian Books For Children

One way to instill Godly principles in your children is to read them Christian books from an early age. Even babies and toddlers benefit from hearing God’s truth on a daily basis, and colorful picture books are a great way to expose them to biblical principles.

What Ever Happened to Apple?

Children’s book that teaches conscious living by considering what happens to an apple during its lifetime. The author follows its life from conception to its demise. Focusing on proper organic waste management with facts and information, resources and links – a wonderfully illustrated book

Stones & Bones

Stones & Bones would appeal to children, classes and families interested in scientific study of history, anthropology, dinosaurs and early man. Stimulating, full-color images challenge the mind and educate at the same time as supplying a sense of comfort through the cozy, family-like scenes. They are so detailed that the more one looks at the illustrations, the more one sees.

Cynthia’s Attic – Youth Books 1 & 2

With non-stop action from cover to cover, there’s more than enough twists and turns in this unique series for youth, to keep them up well past bedtime…reading! Cynthia and Gus, twelve year old best friends, are determined to nose through the attic before Cynthia’s parents toss out all the good stuff.

Interview With Lisa Maria Lanno, Author of “The Secret Cave”

In Lisa Maria Lanno’s imaginative and educational children’s book, “The Secret Cave.” Ronnie and Joe are vacationing in scenic New England with their families over the summer, and during an exploratory hike through the woods, they spot an enormous skull-shaped rock. Near the unusual rock, Ronnie and Joe find an old leather pouch containing a note written in a puzzling rhyme. Although the boys are bent on deciphering the note, they must be careful not to arouse the suspicions of their parents or sisters if they want to keep their exciting discovery all to themselves.

Finding The Right Books For Children

How about giving them novels like Nancy Drew or the famous five and the Hardy boys, which can also be quite interesting for your children? It might happen that initially he/she wouldn’t show any interest in the real mysteries, because most of the children are dazed by those fairly tales. But it is better to shift their interest to these books now and then so that they are able to strike a balance between dreams and practicality.

Elwood’s Crown – Children’s Book

Shannon Rumple introduces readers to a feisty frog and his loving mom, in her debut children’s book, entitled, Elwood’s Crown. Unique children’s book introduces children to the Spanish language, laying the foundation for cultural acceptance and understanding…and it’s a lot of fun too!

Silly Sentences ABC

Silly Sentences ABC was written and fully illustrated by twelve year old Sunshine. It’s a true verbal and visual treat!

A Cat Named Fat – Book Review

Fed up with morbid nursery rhymes, Marie Gebel tickled her tongue with new poetry for the youngest of people and published it. “A Cat Named Fat” is a delightful book to read aloud to a child, complete with colorful artwork and memorable thoughts.

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