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Learning can be fun! At Videos For Kids .net we specialise in educational children’s books and videos, especially astronomy related.

Interesting fact! Did you know that the planets are the original super heroes of myth and legend?

The Playful Planets Say Hello and Watch The Rocket is the first book in the Playful Planets series. They watch a rocket ship take flight from Maggie Mother EARTH and wonder who it will land on. Marvin the miserable man in the MOON fears it will land on him. “They say they reach for the stars, but they only ever seem to get this far,” he moans.

The Playful Planets personalities reflect their roles in myth and legend. MERCURY is the Mischievous Messenger, Veronica VENUS is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, MARS is Mr Angry – the God of War, JUPITER is Jovial Jove – the God of Justice, SATURN is Kronos – Old Father Time, Uri URANUS is the Magician, and, last but not least, Neville NEPTUNE is the God of the Deep.

Ideal for all inquisitive children aged 3 to 7.

In many older languages, and especially those of Latin origin, the days of the week are named after the planets.

In Spanish, for example, Monday is El Lunes (from Lunar, the Moon), Tuesday is Martes (Mars), Wednesday is Miercoles (Mercury), Thursday is Jueves (Jupiter), and Friday is Viernes (Venus). Sabado is Saturday, and Domingo is Sunday.

In English Saturday was the original Sabbath Day (Saturn Day), and Sunday is the day of the Sun.

The months of March is also named after the planet Mars, and January after Uranus.

The ancients had an interesting obsession with the planets, which is surprising given that they are mere tiny dots in the sky which are difficult to see without a telescope. Today, of course, we have the benefit of telescopes, television, and the internet.