How to make 3D Solar System Project for Science Fair or School

Things That Go Bump

Everyone knows that children have the most active imaginations. With the slightest sound at night, they can imagine all sorts of monsters and creatures lurking in the dark or under their beds. If you watch a child play, you can see them living in their imagined world as they fly their toy plane above their head or drive their toy truck across the floor.

The Wonderful World of the Beatrix Potter Books

The delightful world of Beatrix Potter books will surely transport any child to the world of magic and fantasy. I am yet to come across any child who doesn’t enjoy reading these tales. Why only children? These books can prove to be a constant source of joy to any adult too. And I’m not just talking about the stories but the illustrations are charming too. They bring constant joy to the kids. If you have been invited to a child’s birthday and you are wondering what to give as a gift you can choose Beatrix Potter books without hesitation.

Top 10 Books From Babies to Young Readers

As a mom and avid reader I am a firm believer in reading with your children no matter what their age is. I also believe that books make the perfect gifts for anyone regardless of their age. After a little research I compiled Top 10 List of All-Time Best Children Books from babies to young readers. These books will make the perfect gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Messy Tessy

This is a book review of Messy Tessy, a book by Leah Orr. I really enjoyed the book. It is really humourous and I would love to submit it here.

Easy Reader – Great For Beginning Readers

This easy reader is fun and silly, yet offers the new reader success at recognizing familiar words on sight. It offers short sentences and a fun yet predictable storyline with a surprise ending.

Amazing Preschool Books – “Mind Power Series”

You can find many preschool books in the market, but to find one which not only keeps your children happy and busy, but at the same time nurtures their development in terms of their motor, cognitive and creative skills is not an easy task. I would like to share with you a series of new and innovative preschool books which do more than developing the children intellectual gifts but realizes the importance of the element of fun and has creatively woven humor into their games.

What’s in a Story? Sliders Through Worlds – A Fantasia Odyssey

What’s in a story? Who is the reader? Who are the characters? Where does the story end and reality begin? This essay will try to answer such questions in relation to Michael Ende’s “Neverending Story.”

The Right Story Books For Your Kids in the Winter Season

Winter season is fast approaching. There are many holidays and activities happen in the winter season, especially religious holidays. In this case, children’s books are one of the best ways to introduce your kids to them.

Animals Should Definitely Not Be Wearing Clothing

We got this book as a Weekly Reader edition in our QVC pack and it’s just great. I have to read this one almost nightly – it’s just so funny.

First Edition of Harry Potter Book Could Bring $25,000

By June 1997, J.K. Rowling was beginning anew. After separating from her husband, living on welfare and battling depression, she had completed a novel on an old manual typewriter. The story had been rejected by numerous editors before a small London company took a chance and published “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

The Best Christmas Books For You

It is Christmas time! Christmas is a special time for you to spend special moments together with your family. Sharing a story can cheer your Christmas up and brings the magic of Christmas to life.

June and August – By Vivian Walsh

June and August meet one night by starlight and find they have stargazing as a common interest. The new friends plan to meet the next day, but fail to recognize each other in the daylight, even though they looked quite similar by moonlight. At first this seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but eventually they are able to find a way to make the friendship beneficial and fun for both of them.

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