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Dr Seuss and The Cat in the Hat Story

The Cat in the Hat books are treasured children’s stories that have retained their popularity for more than five decades. This popularity has been boosted further by the release of a major motion picture in 2003 which starred Mike Myers cast in the title character and the adoption of the Dr Seuss characters and settings by Universal Studios in it’s Orlando amusement park. The movie of the Cat in the Hat followed the 2000 release of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, which starred Jim Carey as The Grinch.

Book Review – Al-the-Gator and Freddy Frog

Can natural enemies overcome their emnity? A brightly illustrated children’s book answers the question.

Book Review – Birthday Snow, by Kim Messinger & Michael LaLumiere

Freckled-faced Daniel has a dilemma. It’s his birthday today but there’s no snow. Up until now, it has ALWAYS snowed on his birthday.

Book Review – No More Nightmares, by Dawn Van Zant

A lovely, melancholic story about the horses’ search for freedom. With this book, Wild Heart Ranch Books brings children another lovely, melancholic story about horses and their quest for freedom.

Coomacka Island (Children’s Books 1 & 2)

Books one and two of the new Coomacka Island children’s series are filled with interesting and entertaining characters that convey moral lessons. The Story of Spider and Ant, is the first book in a series written by Don P. Hooper and illustrated by Darnel Degand. Coomacka is an uncharted Caribbean Island, where each of the stories takes place. Although the Islands itself is a fictional place, much of the inspiration is based on Afro-Caribbean folklore.

Willow’s Bend by Kat Michaels

After reading Willow’s Bend, you too will be surprised to learn that this is Kat Michaels debut book. Children will undoubtedly sit in astonished silence, mesmerized by the brightly colored, intricately detailed glossy pages. This hardcover children’s book is easy to read and a delightful adventure for family members of all ages.

Sir Edgar Font’s Search for A House to Haunt by Patrick HT Doyle (Book One)

Patrick Doyle has created a wonderful world just waiting to be explored and shared. Do not miss this one of a kind adventure! This series will be cherished by young and old alike.

Children’s Math Book Review – The Number Devil by Hans M Enzensberger

By giving a student a picture of what needs to be done, you have successfully led him through steps that need to take place, rather than rote memorization or doing it in their “head.” It’s important that students learn that their are multiple ways to solve a problem, rather than just “one.”

New Online Children’s Book – Old Narmaah-Cat’s Secret Toy

If you are interested in new Children’s Books on the scene – or you know somebody who is – then take a moment of your time to have a look at this charming little story: Old Narmaah-Cat’s Secret Toy.

Pictures of Zoo Animals

My wife found these pictures of zoo animals. This is a great learning tool for kids. Turn a love of animals into a love of reading!

My ABC Bible-My ABC Prayers A Book Review

Bowman, along with illustrator Stacey Lamb, have taken an old idea and made it fresh. In My ABC Prayers every two-page spread features a whimsical illustration, a letter, and a five sentence “prayer.” Most of these prayers are words of thanks, and most do a great job of using topics young children can relate to.

The Story Of Noah A Book Review

The Story of Noah by Patricia A. Pingry is a simple retelling of the biblical story appropriate for young children. Here, you’ll find no mention of why God wanted to flood the earth, or of the evil being done around Noah (although the author says “Noah’s friends laughed at him, ‘That Noah is crazy,’ they said. ‘It never rains in this desert.'”).

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