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Sammie and the New Baby

What’s it like to have a new baby come into your home? Sammie the goldendoodle is about to find out when Lulu, a new puppy, comes to live with Sammie’s family.

Trevor Lee and The Big Uh Oh Written by Wiley Blevins Illustrated by Marta Kissi

Parent’s Night is the biggest night of a third-grader’s life. All students have to get up on stage and read in front of everyone. It’s a big deal. To Trevor Lee, it’s a really big deal. He has been keeping a big secret. He can’t read!

Enid Blyton a Great Children’s Books Writer From England and Writing of “Children of Green Meadows”

Enid Blyton is a famous children’s writer who endeared herself to growing children with almost 600 books. She also created a series of books on a set of characters like the Famous Five and the Secret Seven. Her novels always focused on children as the main characters who solved many crimes and mysteries, much before the Police could do.

Tabitha Fink and the Patchwork Pirates

Author Rick Felty has established himself as a master of writing fun children’s stories featuring the one-eyed cat Tabitha Fink. In this, Tabitha’s latest adventure, Felty delivers another fun tale for kids.

Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest

A sweet story about a contest a group of animals have to see who can build the best treehouse. The real star of this story are the amazing illustrations.

Roland Faissett and The Wizards of Wee Ville by Janice E Clark

Roland Faissett is about to begin a new school year at Wee Ville Elementary School. When Roland arrives at school wearing a wizard’s outfit, the other kids start to wonder what is going on. What happens next is a wonderful example of the love children can have for each other.

Interview With Roe De Pinto, Author of “Too Much Junk in My Trunk!”

Roe De Pinto has received fourteen awards for her The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba series and hopes to continue the accolades with the new release of this adorable little episode, “Too Much Junk in My Trunk!” Through her sweet characters Zealy, a baby seal and Whubba, a baby orca, Roe continues to embark on her journey and dreams of bringing back the morals that she was taught many years ago – respecting yourself, one another, and the entire world around you. Giving, sharing and caring is her lifelong campaign, starting with the birth of a newborn all through their developmental years.

Walk Shepherdess, Walk: A Sing Along Story

Walk Shepherdess, Walk is a folk song for everyone to learn and sing-along. The story beautifully tells the tale of a different time and place with significance for children from birth to one-hundred.

My Little Angel

Sherrill S. Cannon, author of several children’s books, has penned a new story about guardian angels. In this story, she takes a whimsical look at a little girl’s guardian angel, told in rhyme.

Book Review – Rufus Finds A Home

An elderly man must find a new home for his beloved dog. Teaches children the importance of pet responsibilities.

Book Review – Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night

Tabitha Fink helps her friend overcome his fear of the dark. When her friend admits he is afraid of the dark, Tabitha comes up with a unique way for him to deal with his fears.

Top 5 Short Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids

The short stories and fairy tales are beloved around the world. We all enjoyed listening to fairy tales narrated by our parents, grandparents and caretakers. These stories are very interesting and amusing that not only keep the kids entertained but also helps them to enhance their reading skills and speaking skills and build a strong vocabulary.

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