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Rattlesnake Jam by Margot Finke

ithout a doubt jam lovers will be shocked to hear of the concoction Rattlesnake Jam. Why would anyone even attempt such a recipe, Let alone actually eat it?

Review of “A Walk With Grandpa”

Delightful bilingual children’s picture book about the special love between grandfather and granddaughter. As grandfather and granddaughter, hand in hand, take a walk through the woods, they discover and share the beauty of nature around them. And as they do so, they express how much they mean to each other. It’s interesting to see the affectionate phrases both in English and Spanish.

Claire And The Unicorn – Happily Ever After By B G Hennessy

CLAIRE AND THE UNICORN is a charming story about a little girl named Claire who listens to her father read a little fairy tale to her at bedtime as he does most every night. In each bedtime story people live happily ever after. So one night after a lovely tale, Claire starts to wonder about what makes someone happy forever?!

Tony And The Pizza Champions By Tony Gemignani Is A Tasty Treat!

Readers will enjoy the invitation to read the about the dough-flying fun as the characters of Tony and his team travel to Italy to compete in the international Pizza Lovers competition. The story is interesting to young and old alike as we see what goes on in this competition.

Wish – Wishing Traditions Around The World By Roseanne Thong Are Folk Tales For Everyone!

Children’s folk tales from 15 different countries make up this collection on customs involving wishing. Each small tale is a two page spread with a four-line poem and then is followed by a short paragraph that is simple to understand and explains what the folk lore is about.

Book Review – Your Child Will Love Sponge Bob!

A cartoon character that is a sponge, you have to be kidding me, who’d want to read about that? Your children and believe it or not they will absolutely love him, it’s true. As parents we may not fully appreciate this cartoon image of a square shaped sponge man with legs who motivates around causing problems, learning lessons, and making us laugh, but that is okay.

Child Book Review – The Personification of a Magic Lamp!

Have you heard about the success of Flat Stanley? This is a character that children just love, it is a two-dimensional person, flat. Interestingly enough, the symbolism is great and it even has implications for the physics of multiple dimensions, but flat Stanley is an incredible success and hit.

Children’s Book Review – Fire Trucks to the Rescue!

Every little boy wants to grow up and become a fire fighter, interestingly enough, this is so common that children’s book marketers work very hard to produce fire engine and fire fighter books. These books sell almost as well as the little toy fire engines at the stores. If you have little boys then you know this, and therefore you want to fuel their fire and desire early on to dream and think about their future. So, why not buy a children’s book that will do just that?

Children’s Book Review – A World of Treasure Awaits!

Kids love to dream, and can you just imagine a child’s excitement to learn of a Treasure Planet? Well, perhaps you or your children saw the Disney Movie in 2002, it was a wonderful animation and Michael Eisner said at its debut that this was one of the media companies best modern cartoon movie. It did quite well and raised significant revenues for Walt Disney Studios. And the book that accompanied this film, also sold well.

Children’s Book Review – Alice in Wonderland Retold

Dreams are something that children understand and a dream world like Alice in Wonderland is a classic children’s tale. But as a parent it is important to have a simple story illustrated to tell our young ones. What if I told you about a book that had pictures and made telling this story to your young kids a snap? You’d be able to do it with ease and capture the imagination of your child the way the story intended.

Children’s Book Review – Snow White

Snow White is a classic story for a child, any child, and you need to be the one to tell it to your kids. But you are going to need some help so you get the story right. So, boy do I have a good book for you.

Children’s Book Review – Lion Makes Friends

Sometimes it is tough as a parent getting your children to understand why it is important to eat their food and be nice to others. Well, what if I told you that you can use a children’s book as a tool to solve these problems through the stories inside? Well, it just so happens that I have got a great idea for a book you can read to your child.

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